Hang, harp and bass clarinet.
The sublime tones of three instruments meet and create a lyrical universe. Time stands still, disappearing into the sound of another world, yet the three instruments are here and now, playing with melodies and musical idiom in improvised movements as well as traditional themes.
A journey has begun, a unique trio is born, where folk music, classical and jazz blend into a fantastical world that is meditative, rhythmic, playful.
Zafir (Sapphire) is the name of a gemstone, that symbolize creativity and helps to think abstract in situations that needs and creative solution. We think that pictures our way of working.

Anette Gøl: Harpe –
Benjamin Barfod: Hang, Sanzula and Percussion –
Anja Præst: Bass Clarinet

Concert length: By appointment
Price: To be negotiated

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