Music, improvisation and fun are the passwords of this duo.
Pia Nygaard and Anja Præst are both musicians with a great love for traditional and new composed Danish Folk Music.
They have a tantalizing and playful approach to the arrangements of the music. The form arises in the present and thus the surroundings and the reactions of the audience influence the tempo and moods of the music.
The duo emerged after 2 appearances at art exhibitions, where they discovered the good synergy effect between the exhibited art, the guests and the music.
Apinaja’s strength is being able to move, interact with the audience and be inspired – To act on the present.
Very suitable for art exhibitions, concerts, festivals, lectures and receptions.

Pia Nygaard: Violin
Anja Præst: Bass Clarinet 

Length of Concert  2×45 min., 60 min., 75 min. or by appointment.
Price: To be negotiated

Foto: Danish photo & design,
Ronni Kot Wenzell