Phønix is one of the leading and most experienced Danish folk bands. Their unique sound has roots in the Danish and Scandinavian song and music tradition, but they bring it towards new horizons with a contemporary and unique tone, which points both backwards and forwards.
Phønix’s intense and energetic stage performance has taken them around most of the world on the biggest folk festivals, as well as the most intimate club stages.
Phønix has existed in its current form for about 20 years, but the band was started back in 1990.
Phønix has released 9 cd’s and received 4 Danish Music Award.
The cd “NU” received 5 stars (of 5) in the wellknown British Folk Magazine Froots.

Karen Mose: Vocal and keys
Jesper Vinther: Accordion and backing vocals
Anja Præst: Bass clarinet, clarinet and backing vocals
Jesper Falch: Percussion and backing vocals

Concert length: 2×45 min., 60 min., 75 min.
or by appointment
Price: To be negotiated.

Phønix & SangKa - De to ravne - Ravneserras

by Phønix - Trad/ Jesper Vinther | Groovy Guzheng

Photo:, Ard Jongsma