Radiant Arcadia
A band consisting of women with different cultural and religious backgrounds.
A band that wants to show, that even though we are different in many ways, we can still come together through music and find understanding and love.
Radiant Arcadia consists of groovy bass clarinet, swinging accordion, power violinist with pedalboard (a Jewish bundle of energy), a seductive Danish singer specialising in Bulgarian folk songs, but also add moments of French song and opera, a beautiful young Syrian harpist and singer who fled to Denmark in 2016, virtuous throat/harmonics singer from Spain, a Sufi singer from Manchester/Pakistan and a Kurd singer living in Austria.
We hope to please and inspire people and work for equality, reaching out to friendship across all borders and cohesive communities.
The band can both be booked all together or in smaller groups.
Anne Eltard: Violin
Maren Hallberg: Accordion
Anja Præst: Bass clarinet
Channe Nussbaum: Vocal (jewish)
Karen Jørgensen: Vocal (bulgarian, frensch)
Salam Suso Yamour: Harp and vocal (syrian)
Sarah Yaseen: Vocal (Sufi)
Radia Semillas de Eternidad: Vocal (Mongolian throat song and Sufi)
Sakina Teyna: Vocal (kurdian)
Aoife Scott: Vocal (gaelic)
Length of concert: 2×45 min., 60 min., 75 min.
or by appointment.
Price: To be negotiated
Photo: Jacob Crawfurd (1+2+5), Kim Matthai Leland (3) & Guy Moscoso (4)
Photo: Jacob Crawfurd (1&2), Kim Matthai Leland (3) & Guy Moscoso (4)


by Radiant Arcadia 2018 | Diversity


by Sarah Yaseen and Radiant Arcadia | Together