Norrøn – Improvisational folk music with a sparkle in the eye.
Norrøn plays after the concept ”The only agreement is that there is no agreement”. This means that there are no planned arrangements, but the music emerges in the present from a melody. The audience have after the concerts stated that they feel as a part of the process and they get carried away by their musical teasing and playfulness with the melodies. “It was a real treat for your ears” states Jørgen Godskesen, audience member from a house concert in Stevns, Denmark.

This concert is very suitable for churches, receptions, wellness arrangements and as meditation music.

Nina Veng: Flutes
Anja Præst: Bass clarinet
Pia Nygaard: Violin

Concert length: 2x45 min., 60 min., 75 min.
or by appointment
Price: To be negotiated

Photo: Ronni Kot Wenzell

E-mol polonæse

by Norrøn - trad. | Øjeblikket

Samsø Menuet

by Norrøn - Anja Præst | Øjeblikket